10 Ways To Get Healthier!

Hi guys!

It’s EloiseBreeze here xx

Look, the title explains it all. I.E. NO INTRO!!

  1. Try apple and cheese! It’s lovely, healthy and gives you natural energy!
  2. Try diet lemonade instead of full fat!
  3. Or even better, get sparkling spring water and put blackcurrant squash in!
  4. Mix chopped up celery and carrots into cottage cheese!
  5. Try to have at least 1 banana a day (banana splits do not count!)
  6. Power walk!
  7. Stretch before running!
  8. Don’t peel apples, they skin’s good for you!
  9. Chew sugar-free gum!
  10. Drink lots of water!

Tip for 3) Gently turn it upside down to mix it in.

I hope thats ok!

Love you xxxxxxxxx

Best Wishes, ย Lots Of Kisses

EloiseBreeze xxxxxxxxx

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