My Blogs Aren’t Usually Serious, But This Really Is:


My blogs aren’t usually serious but this really, really is… I can’t stand to think about new born babies having an infection. Not when they have only just been born. When they are fragile. When they are so… What’s the word..? New. But it happens.

One baby a day develops a Group B Strep infection.

One baby a week dies from it.

One baby a fortnight is left with physical disabilities or mental disabilities- sometimes even both.

How bloomin’ terrible. It is costs the NHS £11 pound for pregnant woman to have the test to see whether or not her baby is at risk. If a woman carries GBS (which is usually harmless to adults, unlike new born babies, and is perfectly normal) she should know about it! It could save a baby’s life! If that woman has the test and she happens to carry GBS, then the doctors…

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