Through the years of bedtime routines!!

Hi guys,                                                                                                                                                                 It’s Eloisebreeze here xx

Today I will be sharing with YOU (the wonderful people of WordPress!) my bedtime routines from when I was a toddler up until the brill 2016!!                                                               Most of them will be quite silly, as I was quite little, but I am VERY childish now! I mean, the other day, I sat next to my friend Jacob in French, and I cried with laughter when I poked him with a pen (I should of stopped doing that, as I tried to poke his cheek, but I poked him right under the eye, he flinched and got a HUGE line down his face!!)!                    Anyway, LETS GO!

4 years old||


I was in my old house and every single night before I went to bed, I had to have…


  1. Have a glass of water by my side- incase I got thirsty.
  2. My latest Biff and Chip novel- I thought very strongly of Biff, Chip and Kipper 🙂 they were basically my idols 😉
  3. All my smaller teddies lined up by my side- I mean literally all my smaller teddies were in a horizontal line and I had my cute little arm around them ❤
  4. All my larger in a line behind the smaller- I was very organised for a four-year-old

5 years old||


Nothing had really changed apart from the fact that I had way more teddies! Luckily my arm was longer! I also had a glass of milk by my side but I simply had to drink it before it went gross! Comment down below if you have to do the smae with a glass of milk!

6 years old||


I had obviously stopped the teddy bear under arm obsession- well, maybe! I had also stopped reading Biff and Chip ( 😦 😉 ) I had now moved onto… Night Time Snacking. Once, when I visited my grandparents, my grandma asked me: “Do you have a bedtime snack when you are at home?”. Obviously, because I was hungry at the time, I said yes! From then on, I asked my parents for bedtime snacks 😀 At the time, I had small snacks- like Pepperamis. You will find out what I had throughout the heras remaining, if you read on…

7 years old||


My snacks got larger!!!!! 😉

8 years old||


When I was eight years old, I started reading LOADS before I went to bed! I was escpecially intrigued by Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘Twin Tails’. Read it if you haven’t already! 😉  😉  😉

9 years old||


At nine, I finally got a quality TV from my Grandparents (the same ones who are responsible for the delicious snacks I receive to this day)! I watched TV almost every night before I went to bed and some of my favourite shows included…

  1. The Story Of Tracy Beaker
  2. Sadie J
  3. Waterloo Road
  4. Hollyoaks
  5. Emmerdale
  6. Eastenders
  7. Coronation Street

Yes, I did think of myself as very grownup (even though I still had an 8 o’clock bedtime!).

10 years old||


This is was the stage when I seriously, seriously got into makeup- not just those glittery lipsticks you get in magazines anymore! Every nighttime, I would practise and believe me, it wasn’t pretty! Mess everywhere, makeup covering the walls and, last but not least, a face that looked like a clown!

11 years old||


Now I am eleven, I had lots of larger snacks but most importantly, I started vlogging to you wonderful people! I went through a phase of vlogging daily along with Izz (my brilliant, wonderful cousin) on the phone. Check out some of my best moments:

Pranking Izz…

The makeup challenge…

And, erm , this…


Still 11 years old||


2016 has been a great year so far! We don’t know what’s really in store for bedtime, well, except now I’ve got Now TV..!


I have really In enjoyed creating this blog and credit to Izzy, my amazing cousin, co-host, best friend and fellow blogger, for helping me create this blog, remember all the stuff and, most importantly, making all the collages above ⬆️

Thanks again!

Send in your questions, blog/vlog ideas and fan mail to this email:

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Best wishes, lots of kisses

Eloisebreeze xxxx


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