How to create your new best buddie – how to #2

Hello guys,                                                                                                                                                           It’s EloiseBreeze here xx

Today I am going to be showing you how to make your new best buddie by hand! Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately 😦

Here is a picture of my buddies I made earlier.


Meet Reginaldreganald (Reggie)

And George



  • Pure cotton wool balls (I got mine from Morrisons)
  • Sharpies (Blue, red, green and black is recommended)

Get your wool and sharpies and lets get started!

Draw a two dots around 3/4 quarters of the way up., and around a centimetre apart.               If the dots are too small, make them bigger. You can colour in a circle around the ‘pupil’ in blue, green or any other colour. Maybe shake it up a bit and colour the two eyes different colours?!?! Then about halfway up/down draw a small dot to represent the nose. With the mouth you can have them long and thin, or small and chunky; it’s up to you!

Now add some CRAZY hair!! As you are (maybe) using sharpies, this will pull some of the wool up, to create really realistic hair! Make sure you use a weird and wacky colour (/color) and highlight it with an even WEIRDER colour (/color)!!

Sorry I’ve not been blogging for a while, as I have been working on an extra special blog, which will be posted tomorrow!!

Lots of love xx


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