Bad blog!!

In my last post, I mentioned my old blog. Well, here goes. . . I am going to post it right here (with edits!) Edits in bold.

You may of heard of me before, as I post video blogs on YouTube.
If not, I hope you get to know me more, as I begin posting this weekly ( nope!)beauty blog.
Now, yesterday I had a sleepover with four of my friends for my 11th birthday (true). My birthday hasn’t come yet, it is on August 30th, but because that’s in the summer hols, ( hols, really?!?!?) most people would be on
holiday. We made two videos but I am so useless that I haven’t uploaded
them yet but if you want to check them out they are ‘Doritos roulette challenge’ and
‘Sleepover #11’ ( never posted them! )
Me and my family are going on holiday to Greece in exactly a week, so I will be blogging to you on the plane, beach and hotel room! ( Nope, but hopefully this year, with Izz! )

Give you all the latest next week (NO!) , bye for now,


                                                            (Well that was short :p )
And there you have it. My old blog :s I can’t believe I said all that!!!!!!!!

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<3<3<3 Love you all <3<3<3                                                                                                                      x x x x x x x


One thought on “Bad blog!!

  1. Oh my goodness! In your old blog it said that you were male! That certainly was a disaster! Loved this super funny post! It really cheered me up! This blog is certainly much better already and you have only had it for five days! Loads of love to you and your viewers! ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for mentioning my blog- go check it out, Guys!
    Izzy Elliott, author of Photzles, 27 January 2016👍

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